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  1. Brian Lynns Husband5 July 2012 at 16:45

    I could write pages & pages about this amazing women and given time I probably will!

    Lynn was a beautiful women in every way, she lit up my life from the very start and our friendship & love just got stronger with every day spent together.

    We trusted each other beyond anything I have ever experienced before, in the end she trusted me with her life, a treasure that will stay with me forever.

    Missing you so much Lynny, it hurts!

  2. beautiful words Brian xx
    well what can I say about my Twinkle, she had magical eyes that lit up the room, her smile was beautiful, her energy and enthusiasm for life was unreal, how could one woman have so much energy!? she wore me out just looking at her sometimes, lol
    Lynn could dance the socks of anyone, eat for England (most of the time) and laugh so loud you just couldn't help laughing with her
    what will I miss most about her....just about every damn thing, the memories I have of her are enough now to last me my lifetime and I will treasure each and every one of the last few months we spent time doing things, walking Annie, chatting, hugging, crying, but most of all just loving each other as only good friends could.
    We have all lost the most special love of Lynn but a love that I will carry in my heart for all times
    I will love you forever Twinkle and you will always be my star
    G xxxxxx

  3. Brian, I never met you but worked with Lynn at DBUK for a while. She wa always talking about you and 'her boys' with so much love and affection.
    One strong memory I have of her is her running into my 40th birthday party wearing a Peterborough United woolly hat - it was a 'bad taste' fancy dress!
    I am so sad and shocked that this could happen to such a vibrant, lively woman and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    RIP Lynn, you will be sorely missed Love Kim xx

  4. I didn't know Lynn personally but felt like I did through my lovely friend Gina. I just want to say that he always takes the best ones and that Lynn is now an angel in heaven. Reading her blog has been inspirational, heart rending & her strength and bravery shined throughout her journey. My thoughts are with all of her family and friends at this time. Love M Crouch xx

  5. Lynn always had an ability to stay really calm and objective with such generousity towards an individuals opinion. The image I have when I think of Lynn is someone with a beauty that was not just on the outside, she was a beautiful woman from the inside. This beauty made Lynn shine, Gina's nickname of Twinkle makes you wonder if that word was invented especially for Lynn. Lynn will always shine in the memories of so many people, I am thankful I had the opportunity of knowing her. Forever in my heart Lynn. Love Maureen